Organic – mineral Lawn autumn fertilizer

Using lawn fertilizers in autumn will ensure your lawn is kept strong, dense and recover well from difficult winter conditions. This fertilizer contain more potassium and also magnesium. It has indirect anti-moss effect (It prevents the formation of new mosses in lawns).. Can be used at the end of the season, Application of this fertilizer results better condition for next spring. It makes lawn stronger and more resilient to moss, bad weather conditions and diseases. Works up to 3 months. Does not contain decomposing bacteria.

NPK: 5-5-19 (+3MgO)


50-150g/ m2

Golf course maintenance 3-5kg/100m2, 1x year autumn (aug)
Sport- & football field construction 5kg/100m2, 1x year autumn
Maintenance of lawn 5-10kg/100m2, 1x year autumn
Indirect action against mosses 10-15kg/100m2, 1-2x year spring / autumn