Super Phosphate

This phosphorus fertiliser is intended for fertilising plants from spring to autumn. Phosphorus influences root development, helps fruits to ripen on time, fruits and vegetables grow stronger and bigger, having better taste properties.

Guidance for use

1kg 30 m2

Guidance for use

Open field vegetables – 30- 50 g/m2
Greenhouse vegetables, ornamental plants – 40- 50 g/m2
Flowers – 30- 50 g/m2
Berry plants, berry bushes, fruit bushes – 50 /m2
Fruit trees and hedges – 50-80 /m2
Grass (at sowing, beginning of growth period – 30 /m2
Soil in autumn – 40 40 g/m2.

Fertiliser is to be distributed evenly around the plant and raked into soil. After fertilisation, we recommend watering the plants in order for granules to decompose in soil.